Lexia has been a leader in the development of computer software to help teachers, tutors, and educational therapists plan and deliver literacy instruction. Our work is focused on supporting phonics instruction. It is for teachers who use alphabetic-phonics multisensory approaches to literacy instruction as well as for those who want to add a phonics component to meaning-emphasis methods.

We have developed two software tools for lesson planning: WordSpring and LessonPlanner, and a companion reference text Scope and Sequence for Literacy Instruction. LessonPlanner is no longer offered for sale, but we are continuing to enhance WordSpring. We release new versions periodically. These tools are in use at scores of public and independent schools and by teachers throughout the United States and in other countries.


WordSpring is a comprehensive word list resource for teachers, tutors, reading specialists, and educational therapists. It is compatible with all methodologies and curricula. WordSpring is available for both Mac OSX and PC Windows.


LessonPlanner was a complete lesson planning tool for teachers, tutors, reading specialists, and educational therapists, especially Slingerland and Orton-Gillingham professionals. LessonPlanner is no longr available.

Scope and Sequence

Scope & Sequence is an important reference textbook for teachers, tutors, and school administrators who employ a phonics-based approach for literacy instruction.