Much of Lexia's work is done by volunteers from the community. The founders of Lexia are John Anton, Jerome Elkind, and Carol Murray. Many other people with an interest in learning disabilities have contributed to its programs. The Board of Directors of Lexia is composed of Jerome Elkind, ScD, chair; John Anton, PhD, president; Will McKinney BS; Linda Elkind BA, secretary-treasurer; Octo Barnett, MD; and Carolyn Compton, PhD.

John Anton, Ph.D., President

Dr. Anton received his B.S. degree from the University of Notre Dame, a Fulbright Fellowship to Karlsruhe Universität, and his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. He has held technical and executive positions at several high technology companies from 1970 until his retirement in 2013. In 1988, he co-founded the Lexia Institute with Dr. Elkind and has served since as its president while also leading the development of Lexia's LessonPlanner and WordSpring software products designed for literacy teachers.

Jerome Elkind, Sc.D., Chairman

Jerome Elkind is chairman of The Lexia Institute. He received his S.B. and Sc.D. degrees in electrical engineering from MIT. He has done research on and development of interactive computer systems and has held management positions at several companies in the computer industry. In 1988 he co-founded The Lexia Institute where he has worked on computer reader and speech recognition technology for people with learning disabilities and on Lexia's WordSpring software for teachers.

William McKinney, B.S., Director email symbol

Will McKinney photo

Will McKinney received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Colorado at Boulder. Will brings to Lexia over 30 years of leadership and of marketing and technology management experience in organizations spanning early stage start-ups to large enterprises. His experience includes the definition and delivery of multiple successful software products within a variety of markets, including health/wellness, cost accounting, internet tools, and chip design/validation. A goal throughout his career has been to deliver easy to understand solutions using technology to help better the lives of individuals.

Carol Murray, M.Ed., Curriculum Advisor 1990-2010

Carol Murray, M.Ed., devoted 35 years to the education of children, adolescents, and adults with specific language disabilities as a classroom teacher, a school administrator, and instructor of teacher education courses. She wrote numerous educational materials including diagnostic tests for older students and Scope & Sequence for Literacy Instruction. At Lexia, she worked on the development of LessonPlanner and WordSpring, computer software tools to aid teachers plan phonics-based literacy lessons, and on computer readers to accommodate and improve the skills of poor readers. Carol passed away in August 2010. Her last contribution to Lexia was to specify the content of WordSpring 3.0, the new version of Lexia's word list software.

Linda Elkind, B.A., Director

Linda Elkind received her B.A. degree from Smith College in 1957. She has devoted years of service to nonprofit community activities, and has been widely recognized for her work in environmental protection and education for the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a member of the Planning Commission of the town of Portola Valley, CA. She served as a legislative advocate for the Committee for Green Foothills. She has been a Director of Hidden Villa Foundation, the Committee for Green Foothills, and the Peninsula Conservation Center Trust.

G. Octo Barnett, M.D., Director

Dr. Barnett received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1952 from Vanderbilt University and his Doctor of Medicine degree from Harvard University in 1956. After his postdoctoral training in internal medicine and cardiology (at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, the National Institutes of Health, and bioengineering at the University of Washington in Seattle), he joined the faculty of the Harvard Medical School to pursue his interests in the application of computers to medicine. In 1964 he founded the Laboratory for Computer Science at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He was Director of the Laboratory and Professor of Medicine at Harvard. Dr. Barnett has been a leader in the application of computer systems and technology to medical education and practice

Carolyn Compton, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Compton received the B.A. degree in Primary Education at Oberlin (1957), the M.A. in Special Education from San Francisco State College (1964), and the Ph.D. in Psychological Studies in Education from Stanford University (1970). She worked at the Children's Health Council (CHC) in various capacities from 1970 until 1977 and served as Associate Director. She was a Clinical Assistant Professor in child Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the Stanford University Medical Center. She also was a Visiting Assistant and Associate Professor of Special Education at San Francisco State College. She is now working with the Morrissey-Compton Education Center, which she helped found. She is continuing her work on assessment and remediation of learning disabilities at the Center. She has written books reviewing the entire body of psychological and educational testing, and presented work at numerous professional conferences. Dr. Compton holds Life Credentials in General Elementary Teaching, Teaching Orthopedically- Handicapped, General Supervision, and Learning Disabled..