Welcome to LEXIA

LEXIA is a nonprofit corporation that provides lesson planning resources for teachers who use phonics-based methods for literacy instruction for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

WordSpring for word lists

WordSpring is a comprehensive software word list resource for teachers, tutors, reading specialists, and educational therapists. It is compatible with all methodologies and curricula. Click here to find out more


Scope and Sequence for phonics instruction

Scope & Sequence is an important reference textbook for teachers, tutors, and school administrators who employ a phonics-based approach for literacy instruction.


WordSpring Teaching Examples

We are fortunate to have examples of how Carol Murray used WordSpring in her teaching.

Click here to see an example of how easy it is to use WordSpring to create word lists for spelling

Click here to see an example of how WordSpring can be used to create cvc and nonsense word lists for early decoding instruction, and

Click here to see an example of how you might use WordSpring for the more advanced word attack or decoding skills of syllable division and accenting


WordSpring Guided Tour

This Guided Tour describes the WordSpring software through a series of screen displays that show how a teacher might use it. It will help you determine whether WordSpring meets your teaching needs.